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What should I do after I use our AED?

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We got a call from a major sports team this week, after using an AED to save someones' life.  What should we do to reset it, the AED is beeping?


First congratulations that you used the AED to attempt to help save a life. Take a few moments with thoseinvolved in the rescue to get their names and contact information and fill out a Incident Report so that you have all the pertinent details if questions come up later.  Note the time and other facts of the rescue.  Contact your AED coordinator, Human Resources department and follow your protocol following a use.  Note any comments or opportunities of things that the team felt they did well, or opportunities for more training or improvement.

Each manufacturer is different as to how to check the AED and return it to service.  Today we are looking at the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED.    

If the AED is beeping remove the battery until you get a new set of pads.  Then remove the used pads cartridge by sliding the bar on the top of the AED to the right.  The old cartridge will pop out.  Install a new adult pads cartridge.  Next install the battery in the back of the AED and let it go through its self test.  Push the buttons as instructed.  If it comes back and says "Ready for Use", you are ready to go.  

If you used the pocket mask, gloves and razor or other supplies in the fast response kit, replace them as well.  

Clean the surface of the AED with isopropyl alcohol, ammonia based cleaners, hydrogen peroxide or soapy water ( but do not immerse the AED in water).  Don't use strong solvents such as acetone or enzymatic cleaners or abrasive materials.

The AED has a recording of the rescue stored in memory.  It's there for 30 days.  You may want to download the patients ECG from the unit to document the rescue.  You can get help from your local EMS department, or you can contact Altra Medical to do it for you.  You can also do it with an infared reader and free Event Review Software you can download from Philips website.  

The HS1 battery part no M5070A is good for four years in use, 200 shocks or four hours of monitoring so your battery should be good to reuse. 

Please call us if you have any questions.  727-541-5900

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