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AED Leasing

AED Leasing

Want a hassle free AED program?  Consider our AED leasing with daily monitoring.  We offer leasing of a variety of AEDs with SmartLink, Wi-Fi connected AEDs or AED Sentinel that do daily monitoring - not just monthly so you are sure all the AEDs through out your organization are ready for use.

We offer complete Program Management options the include a Dashboard to see AED status, training through American Heart, or ASHI, and Medical Direction.  Contact us for more information.


Lease or Lease to Own

We offer many AED leasing options as well as payment plans to rent to own a Philip HeartStart AED for as little as $25 per month, so anyone can afford an AED.  Leasing fits some organizations plans as it provides minimal intial investment and an easy to afford monthly payment.  We can structure a payment to meet your needs.  

Click Here to check out our special Philips OnSite lease to own package!

Lease from Philips Heartstart AED's

We also offer installment plans to extend payment terms over 2 or 3 years or more if interested.  This often will allow an organization to purchase an AED or multiple AEDs without tying up capital.  If you decide to pay off early there is no prepayment penalty, just pay the remaining balance.

These plans are great for fitness centers to enable you to protect your clients without tying up a lot of capital.  They are great for condominium associations where Boards don't necessarily want to make that initial investment, but want to have the community protected. 

Security companies can lease an automated external defibrillator (AED) for a building or property and return it if the contract changes eliminating the investment and risk of unused assets.

Equipment Leases are structured to meet your needs.  Altra Medical owns the equipment and will provide you with replacment pads and batteries included as part of the lease.  At the end of the lease, just return the AED.

Installment Sales are monthly payments and you will own the AED at the end of the term.  


Philips Onsite AED



Philips HeartStart OnSite AED w/ Standard Case

Lease   Lease to Own  
1 Year Lease: $65.00/month 12 Months $125.00/month

2 Year Lease:

$55.00/month 24 Months $68.00/month
3 Year Lease: $50.00/month 36 Months $48.00/month
4 Year Lease: $45.00/month 48 Months $37.00/month



Philips FRx AED



Philips HeartStart FRx AED w/ Carry Case

Lease  (Out of Stock) Lease to Own  (Out of Stock) 
1 Year Lease: $125.00/month 12 Months $181.00/month
2 Year Lease: $115.00/month 24 Months $99.00/month
3 Year Lease: $100.00/month 36 Months $72.00/month
4 Year Lease: $85.00/month 48 Months $58.00/month


Don't see something that meets your needs?  Please contact us.



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