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Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Maintenance

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Maintenance



How to check your Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator

Maintaining your OnSite AED is a very simple task that is made up from a few easy steps that are necessary to make sure that your AED is in working order when you need it. It is important to not miss a single step when checking your AED, so we made a list for you.





image021.jpg1. Check the status indicator on your AED to make sure that it is blinking green.

The status indicator can be found above the green power button on your AED. As long as the status indicator is blinking green then the AED has passed its self-test and is ready for use.

If the status light is off, the OnSite is not chirping, and the blue i-button is not flashing then either the battery is not inserted, the battery is dead, or the AED needs repair.

If the status light indicates a solid green, then the OnSite is currently performing a self-test or is in use.

If the status indicator is off, the blue i-button is flashing, and is emitting single chirps, then an error has occurred, and you should press the i-button for information.

If the status indicator is off and the OnSite is emitting a series of triple-chirps then a potentially serious problem has occurred, and you should contact us or call us at 1-866-777-8555 and consult your owner's manual under "Troubleshooting a Chirping HeartStart".




2. Check the date on your pads.

The use before date on the pads currently inserted into the AED should be easy to spot beneath the clear cover of the OnSite. If you have any spare pads, then the use before date can be found on the sticker placed on the front of the package. If either of these dates has expired, then it is important to order replacement pads. 



installbefore.jpg3. Check the date on your battery.

Check the date that the battery was installed or mark the date on it with a sharpie when you install a new battery. The "Install Before Date" is not an expiration date. The battery will provide four years of use from the date it is installed. Typically, the "Install Before Date" is five and a half years from the date the battery was made.


4. Check the date on your spare battery.

If you have a spare battery, then check the “Install Before Date” that is clearly labeled on the outside of the battery. It is important to install the spare battery before the "Install Before Date". A replacement battery can be ordered here.




5. Fast Response Kit should contain a pocket mask, scissors, razor, and gloves.

Your Fast Response Kit should contain the items listed above. If you are missing any of the above items or for any reason you need a replacement kit, then it can be ordered here. 





6. Record your inspection on your AED Inspection Tag.

The inspection tag helps maintain records of previous inspections as well as displaying when your pads and batteries expire. If you are in need of a maintenance tag then please contact us. We can provide 1 or 2 tags for free or 10 tags for $1.


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